#1652 Data-Driven Connections

Me and Emerson and His New Oura Ring

Emerson got his own Oura ring for the New Year.

It’s been incredibly fun to analyze the data with him every morning and make quantifiable connections between when he goes to bed and what he eats and how his scores reflect those choices.

As I discuss in the book and in this +1 (and throughout our Coach program!), we want to MAKE THE CONNECTION (!) between our choices and their consequences.

For example, when Emerson first got the ring, I explained to him what Deep Sleep is and what REM Sleep is and how you tend to get more Deep Sleep earlier in your sleep cycle and more REM Sleep later in your sleep cycle.

Then, about a week into having the ring, we were blessed to go to a Chicago Bulls game when they were in town playing the San Antonio Spurs. (Thanks for the tickets, Billy; and thanks for the connection, Gina! 🏀 🙌)


The game STARTED when we’re usually in bed. 😂

You think I’m kidding.

I’m not.


Tip off was at 7:30pm.

Emerson REALLY wanted to watch the whole game. So we didn’t get back to the hotel to get to bed until 10:30pm.

It was an awesome game (go Bulls!) and an equally awesome family night out.


The next morning it was fun to analyze the data and see the total sleep numbers go down (of course!) and the Deep Sleep numbers go down (not as obvious!).

That’s our +1.

What data do YOU have in your life that can help YOU make the connection between what’s working and what needs work in YOUR life??


As Emerson’s name sake Ralph Waldo once said: “All life is an experiment, the more experiments the better.”

Let’s use the data to MAKE THE CONNECTION to what’s working and what needs work while remembering the fact we have bright lines to know when it’s wise to cross them.

Day 1. All in.


P.S. Here’s another qualitative data point… After we enjoyed some adventures in San Antonio that morning, we drove 90 minutes home to our place outside Austin.

Let’s just say that two kids who got a few hours less sleep than normal were, shall we say, a little less than “well-resourced” and might have been a little more crazy than normal. Laughing. All worth it and all fascinating data!! 😲 🤣

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