#1273 The Catalytic Force Multiplier

To Changing the World

On September 1st, 2020, we kicked off Heroic Coach – Class III.

It’s impossible to capture just how inspired I am to now have 2,000+ Heroes from 70+ Countries around the world in our Heroic Coach community.

I believe that THIS is going to be the catalytic force multiplier that will drive our ability to (literally) help change the world. We’re less than two years in at this stage and I can see the 100,000+ Coaches in 195 Countries we will have (Deo Volente!) in our little Heroic Virtue Army in the years ahead.


As I’ve said many times, half of the Heroes who go through our Coach program are coaches or aspiring coaches. The other half are what we call “Masters” who “simply” want to fundamentally and permanently change their life via our program so they can give the world all they’ve got.


The Heroic Coach party begins with “Module 0” in which I give an overview of the 300-day program—which is basically the distillation of my life’s work.

Imagine me taking the absolute best wisdom from the 600+ PhilosophersNotes, 50 Optimal Living 101 classes, and 1,000+ Heroic +1s and sharing that in a super-practical (300-day!) program that helps you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

That’s our Mastery Series and that’s the foundation of our Heroic Coach program.

(And, that’s what Science Says quantitatively WORKS and what our Heroes say changes lives.)

I give an overview of the program in Module 0.

We end that session with three of the most powerful reflection exercises I know of. We take a quick trip to Heaven. Then a quick trip to Hell. Then a final quick trip to our Eulogies.

All of which is intended to serve as a wake up call to the fact that—newsflash—THIS ISN’T A DRESS REHEARSAL!!

Guess what?

NOW is the time to live in integrity with our highest ideals.

NOW is the time when we experience either a “Heaven” or a “Hell.”


So, yah.

That’s Module 0.


We realized that the best way to help you understand what the Heroic Coach program is all about is probably just SHOWING you what it’s all about.

That’s why we made the first week free.

You can check out my “Theory” session. You can download all the Worksheets that go with that session. And, you can watch our Head Coach Michael help us actually APPLY the wisdom to our lives in his “Practice” session.


Twice a month I connect with our Coaches live for what we call the “Soul Force Forge” in which I share my latest thinking and do 1-on-1 coaching with our Coaches.

You can check out the first Soul Force session as well. (This one was particularly special because it was the first time we had Coaches from Class I and Class II and Class III all together. We spent 3.5 hours together and explored some REALLY powerful ideas.)

Cruise on over here and check all that out if that sounds like fun.

Heroic Coach – Class IV starts January 1st, 2021.

We’d be honored to have you join us. Sign up Today and the Team has set up a 10% “early-bird” discount. Join with a friend (it’s astonishing to me how many couples and brothers/sisters and parents/kids have gone through the program!) and we’ll give you an extra 10% off.

That is all for Today.

That and let’s change the world, one person at a time, together, starting with you and me and us.


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