#1274 Shall We Pray Together?

The Heroic Virtue Prayer

In our last +1, we talked about the potential catalytic force multiplicative power of our Heroic Coach program.

I invited you to join us for our next Heroic Coach Class (Class IV!!) that starts on January 1st, 2021 and shared some discounts the Team set up for early registration and joining with a friend.

btw: One of the things that blows me away the most, as I mentioned, is how many couples/families go through our program together.

For example, in our Zoom chat for our first Soul Force Forge session featuring Heroes from Class I, II, and III, one of our Coaches said:

12:41:24 From David Brown @datong : I am class 1, My dad is in class 2 and my sister is in class 3. Horray Don Brown and Cheryl Shoaie!!

👆 Wow. 😍

btw: Literally RIGHT below that Zoom chat comment, another one of our Coaches said:

12:42:14 From Diane Ogunlade FIRST Steps Together : I’m already sharing some of this wisdom with my sons, 3,4 and 8 yrs old—also used the Trips to Heaven and Hell in a Womens group I facilitate <3

👆 Wow. 😍


That’s not the point of Today’s +1. And, when I started drafting the last +1, I didn’t intend to write what I did.

I was planning to share how we kicked off that first Soul Force Forge with Class I, II, and III all together.

We started with what we call The Heroic Virtue Prayer.

You can actually watch me lead the meditation here. (👈 In the 3rd video on the page, it starts at 22:55. Click the chapter titled The Heroic Virtue Prayer”.)

So, as we’ve discussed in the +1 on our Virtue Compass, there are four cardinal Heroic Virtues, which are basically our modern take on the ancient Greco-Roman (Stoic) virtues.

We have Wisdom (in the North position on our Heroic Compass) then Self-Mastery (South) then Courage (West) then Love (East).

Then we have the “sub-directional” virtues that include the top virtues science says are most highly-predictive of our eudaimonic joy.

These include: Hope (NW) + Gratitude (NE) + Curiosity (SE) + Zest (SW).


With that context, it’s time for our Heroic Virtue Prayer. It goes like this.

Note1: I like to use “God, please grant me…” as an opportunity to practice Humility and submit myself to a higher force. Obviously, do what idiosyncratically works for you if you feel so inspired!

Note2: Each of the virtues gets an in breath and an out breath.

Here we go…

Sit or stand nice and tall. Pull the thread through your head. Invite the Optimus-best version of you to join us as we begin…

“God, please grant me the Wisdom to know the game I’m playing and how to play it well.”

Breathing in. Breathing out. With calm confidence and fierce resolve.

“God, please grant me the Self-Mastery to ACTUALLY play the game well TODAY.”

Smiling (!) and Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the Courage to be willing to act in the presence of fear Today.”

Sitting up with Dignity. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the Love to be connected, present and encouraging Today.”

Opening our hearts. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the Hope to know that my future will be better than my present because I’ll do whatever it takes to make it so Today.”

Leaning in to life’s challenges. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the Gratitude to see the blessings and gifts in my life Today.”

Celebrating the beauty right NOW. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the Curiosity to stay open to life and see what’s working and what needs work Today.”

Opening up. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“God, please grant me the ZEST to show up with all the Energy I need to be my Best in my Work and Love TODAY.”

Feeling Energized and ready to take on the day with Eudaimonic Joy. Breathing in. Breathing out.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”




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