#1272 How to Solve the Health Care Crisis

Starting With Our Next Meal

In our last +1, we discussed some of the fascinating research that is unequivocally (!) proving the fact that food is effective medicine.

The Energetic and economic return on those invested food dollars is ASTONISHING.

Today we’re going to look at one more study and how we can solve the health care and chronic disease crisis our world is facing.


Let’s flip our copies of Dr. Mark Hyman’s brilliant book Food Fix to page 57.

Mark tells us: “A similar effort is underway in California, where researchers are studying the health care impact of providing nutritious meals to 1,000 chronically sick patients insured by California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal. Studies have shown a 32 percent reduction in health care costs and a 63 percent reduction in hospitalizations. Many of these programs are funded through private donations and coordinated by the national Food Is Medicine Coalition, which is a group of nonprofits that want to use nutrition to solve the health care and chronic disease crisis. The Food Is Medicine group hopes to get these medically tailored meals included in health care coverage.”

He continues: “These groups recognize what our federal government sadly does not: To tackle the crisis, our national food policies must be aligned with our health care policies. Instead of just treating rampant chronic diseases with medication and surgery, we have to start preventing and treating it with food.”

btw: Earlier in the book Mark makes this important point: “While Democrats argue to create Medicare for All and Republicans argue to reduce entitlements to bring down our $22 trillion national debt, both are missing the obvious fact. Fix the reason why we have those costs in the first place. Stop the flow of sick people into the system and the harm to our environment and climate by fixing the cause: the food system.”

That’s Today’s +1.

Thank you, Mark, for sharing that wisdom.

And, thank you brilliant and passionate doctors and public health care researchers who conducted those studies and thank you to all the individuals who financed them and to all those who participated in them.

I say we thank them by putting that wisdom into action.


So we can change the world.
One person at a time.
Starting with you and me and our next meal.

On that note: What food prescription can you write for yourself?!

Here’s the pad and paper. 📝

Let’s go!

+📝 +📝 +📝

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