#194 The Big Picture

Zoom In + Zoom Out

Let’s do one more to round out our little series of +1s on how to become more Antifragile.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that whatever challenge is capturing our attention for the moment is EVERYTHING!!

If we aren’t mindful, we can feel so attached to the outcome of that challenge that our success or failure on that one particular thing can easily feel like the only metric worth considering as we do our self-worth inventory.

Obviously, that’s not a good idea.

So, here’s one way to approach it.

Grab a piece of paper. Draw a HUGE circle. Like, jumbo big—almost taking up the whole page.

Now, put a little pinpoint dot somewhere inside that circle.

That little dot? That’s your current challenge.

It may FEEL like it’s the huge jumbo circle but it isn’t.

Of course, we want to be able to zoom in on that little dot and bring it into super-clear focus so we can give our absolute best energy to rocking it moment-to-moment style AND we want to be able to zoom out and hold the broader perspective and see that whatever is challenging us right.this.moment is just a tiny drop in the super big picture.

Today’s +1: Draw the big circle. Drop in the dot.

Zoom in to crush it and give it all you’ve got.

Zoom out to maintain perspective and know this is just one fun little adventure in the epic journey that is your multi-faceted life.

And, most importantly, let’s enjoy the whole process! 😃