#193 Antifragile Barbells

How to Craft an Optimal Strategy for Life and Other Important Things

Continuing our Antifragile theme, let’s talk about another way Nassim Taleb tells us to approach things if we want to avoid being fragile. He’s using this example in the context of investing but I love to apply it to EVERYTHING.

Imagine a barbell like the kind you’d find at a gym.

The barbell has a bar in the middle and a weight on either side. When I journal this (which is an almost every day thing), I like to draw two filled-in circles connected by a line kinda like this:

(*) —— (*)

The weight on the left side of that barbell represents the fact that we need to be SUPER CONSERVATIVE. The weight on the right side of the barbell represents the fact that we also need to be SUPER AGGRESSIVE.

Super Conservative ————– Super Aggressive.


Today’s +1. How’s your barbell? Do you have a balance between your aggressive goals and your conservative goals? Or, is one side super heavy and the other side super light? Which way do you tend to lean? And how can you Optimize the balance a little more?

Do you need to add some more weight to the Conservative side or the Aggressive side? (Or both?)

Specifically, what’s your biggest challenge in life right now?

What’s your SUPER Conservative approach to it?

And, what’s your SUPER Aggressive approach to it?

Get clarity on that and notice how similar this is to our “Floors and Ceilings” metaphor. Floors and Ceilings are basically barbells turned vertically rather than horizontally. :)

So, again. Barbells. Conservative. Aggressive.

Go pump some iron and make it a great day! 😃

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