#1446 Someday Isle

Not Where We Want to Spend Our Time, Hero!

In our last +1, we talked about Seth Godin and his new book The Practice.

Of course, me being me and our work being what it is, I talked about the ULTIMATE practice—moving from Theory to Practice to Mastery Together TODAY.


When I wrapped that +1 up with my go-to “Not SOMEDAY… TODAY!” line, I wanted to link to a +1 on “Someday Isle.”

Then I realized we didn’t HAVE a +1 on Someday Isle yet so, before we get back to work with Seth, we’re going to spend some time with another great teacher.

Please open your Heroic app to the PhilosophersNotes on No Excuses! by Brian Tracy.

On Page 1 of that Note, you will find Mr. Tracy telling us: “Not only do we all want the same things, but we all know what we have to do to achieve them. And we all intend to do those things, sometime. But before we get started, we decide that we need to take a little vacation to a wonderful fantasy place called ‘Someday Isle.’ We say that ‘Someday I’ll read that book. Someday I’ll start that exercise program. Someday I’ll upgrade my skills and earn more money. Someday I’ll get my finances under control and get out of debt. Someday I’ll do all those things that I know I need to do to achieve all my goals. Someday.’ Probably 80 percent of the population lives on Someday Isle most of the time. They think and dream and fantasize about all the things they are going to do someday.”


“Someday Isle.”

I think we’d all agree that taking up residence on Someday Isle isn’t a very Heroic thing to do, eh? 🤓


That's Today’s +1.

Are YOU hanging out on Someday Isle? 🏝️

What’s one thing you’ve been planning to do “someday” that you might wanna revisit and schedule for NOW?

Got it?


What’s ONE THING you know you could be doing/should do that you’ve been putting off?

Let’s channel our inner Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule launch sequence and 5-4-3-2-1 that thing and WIN it, shall we?!

You ALL IN, Hero?

If so…

It’s time to move off of Someday Isle.

Here’s a one-way ticket to Mount Eudaimonia. 🚀 🏔️

Let’s take the next baby step toward the summit.


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