No Excuses!

The Power of Self-Discipline
by Brian Tracy | Vanguard Press © 2000 · 304 pages

Are you suffering from “excusitis” or living on “Someday Isle”—you know, where you’ll get around to living your greatest life “someday”? Brian Tracy says we need to vote ourselves off that island and in this Note we’ll check out some of my favorite Big Ideas on how he says we should rock it—from understanding the root of negative moods (it’s all about blame) to thinking long-term (the happiest/most successful see the big picture!) to the importance of setting goals and taking purposeful action.

“No more excuses! Do it or don’t do it but don’t make excuses. Stop using your incredible brain to think up elaborate rationalizations and justifications for not taking action. Do something. Do anything. Get on with it! Repeat to yourself: ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me!’ Losers make excuses; winners make progress. Now, how can you tell if your favorite excuse is valid or not? It’s simple. Look around and ask, ‘Is there anyone else who has my same excuse who is successful anyway?’ When you ask this question, if you are honest, you will have to admit that there are thousands and even millions of people who have had it far worse than you have who have gone on to do wonderful things with their lives. And what thousands and millions of others have done, you can do as well—if you try.”

~ Brian Tracy from No Excuses!

Brian Tracy is one of my favorite old-school, kick-your-motivation-into-high-gear gurus.

I’ve read a *lot* of his stuff and listened to a *lot* of his stuff as well. He asks some of THE most provocative questions and reading his books often leads to some long journaling sessions packed with insight.

This book is packed with wisdom on how to get our self-discipline on. I highlighted nearly the whole thing in my Kindle and this Note is from Ideas in only the first half of it. :)

If you’re resonating with the Ideas here, I think you’ll love the book!

For now, let’s jump in with a trip to ‘Someday Isle.’ :)

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