#701 Reasons to Believe in Yourself

What Are YOURS? (← Eat Those Hero Bars!)

In our last +1, Emerson and I chatted about how to Be Unstoppable via Alden Mills’s eight actions delivered via his acronym UPERSIST.

Remember them? 🤓

They’re pretty good and worth another quick pass so here goes:

Action #1: Understand Your Why
Action #2: Plan
Action #3: Energize to Execute
Action #4: Recognize Your Reason to Believe in Yourself
Action #5: Survey Your Habits
Action #6: Improvise to Overcome Obstacles
Action #7: Seek Expert Advice
Action #8: Team Up!

Today we’re going to talk a little more about Action #4: Recognize Your Reason to Believe in Yourself.

In his little fable, Alden tells us the story about how he wasn’t a very athletic kid when he was growing up. He wasn’t very good at baseball or soccer and his legs were so big he could barely squeeze them into those old-school super-tight basketball shorts from the 70s.

Then one day, he tried out rowing. The coach looked down at Alden and told him, “You’ve got rowing legs, son.”

That one line changed his life.

It gave him a “Reason to Believe” in himself.

He got REALLY into rowing. Became a national champion. Which led him to the Naval Academy. Which led him to the Navy SEALs. Which led him to become the CEO of the fastest-growing company in the country.

One little Reason to Believe led to another which led to another which led to another.

Today’s +1.

What are YOUR Reasons to Believe in Yourself?

Get clear.

Those are all Hero Bars.

Use them as fuel.


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