How to Be Unstoppable

In our last +1, we talked about you feasting on your Hero Bars—using memories of your past success as fuel to walk through fear doors today.

(You grab three for Today?)

All of those Cookies and Hero Bars remind me of an idea from former Navy SEAL Alden Mills’ great book Be Unstoppable.

I read it years ago and recently re-read it with Emerson.

It’s a fantastic parable about a young captain who meets a wise, older mentor-captain who teaches him how to Optimize and actualize his potential to become a “Master and Commander.”

Emerson and I loved it.

The Master Captain (who goes by Persistent Pete), has eight actions he teaches his young protégé. (One of which reminds me of the Hero Bars! We’ll talk about it tomorrow.)

The Actions form the acronym UPERSIST.

Emerson can rattle them off.

In fact, let’s invite him in so he can share! 🙂

Action #1: Understand Your Why
Action #2: Plan
Action #3: Energize to Execute (Alden may go with “Exercise” to Execute but we expanded it to “Energize” so we can include our other fundies of eating and sleeping!)
Action #4: Recognize Your Reason to Believe in Yourself
Action #5: Survey Your Habits
Action #6: Improvise to Overcome Obstacles
Action #7: Seek Expert Advice
Action #8: Team Up!

Today’s +1.


Let’s do a quick run through:

First: What’s your #1 goal these days? (Seriously. What is it?!)

What’s your why?
How’s your plan?
You energized?
What reasons do you have to believe in yourself? (← Hint: Those are our Hero Bars!)
How are your habits?
You improvising to overcome (inevitable!) obstacles #OMMS style?!
Need to seek advice from any experts?
And… How can you team up a little more today?

There ya go. A super-quick take on how to Be Unstoppable.


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