#702 NEGU!

Never Ever Give Up

In our last couple +1s, we’ve been having fun with Alden Mills and his big legs. (Hah.)

We learned that the key to being unstoppable can be captured in the simple acronym UPERSIST as we munched on some reasons to believe in ourselves.

Today I want to talk about another fun idea.

We actually made it the “9th Action” in the Johnson house. (Even Eleanor likes to shout it out!)

It’s another acronym.

Here it is: NEGU!!!!

Imagine a little, almost-2-year-old Hero shouting NEGU!!!! with her 6-year-old brother and you have a glimpse into the Johnson House. (lol)



Yah! NEGU!



One of the reasons Emerson loved it so much was that Alden represented this little handy-dandy heroic mantra via a funny little statue in the book featuring a frog being eaten by a pelican but somehow reaching out of the pelican’s mouth and grabbing it by the neck before it could eat him.

Ridiculous, I know.



That’s Todays +1.

P.S. Are there times when you should “give up”? Of course. But, that’s not the point of Today’s +1. 🙂

This is: One more time (say with us): NEGU!!!

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