#72 Now What Needs to Be Done?

Remember: Feelings Follow Behavior

David Reynolds wrote what might be the best book you (and most other people) have never heard of.

It’s called Constructive Living.

David is a sort of East meets West Zen psychotherapist. (He was a huge influence on Dan Millman—who recommended I read the book years ago.)

The main theme of the book is that feelings FOLLOW behavior.

Most of us get that backward.

He tells us that most people ask themselves “How do I feel?” before they do anything and then they let that dictate what they do.

Not good.

The fact is (and science confirms this) that feelings FOLLOW behavior at least as much as the other way around.

Just simply getting yourself to take action CREATES the feelings you thought needed to be there to get you started.

David tells us that the most profound sense of confidence comes from being the type of person who can get him or herself to do what needs to get done whether we feel like it or not.

He gives us a very practical question to use in those moments when we’re not quite feeling our best but need to act like we are.

It’s super simple. And, in my experience, equally powerful.

Here it is:

“Now what needs to be done?”

That’s it. Doesn’t matter how we feel. We just need to ask that question.

“Now what needs to be done?”

And then, of course, we need to do it.

That’s our +1 for today. In a moment of wavering commitment, ask yourself that remarkably simple yet equally powerful question. And then do it. 😃

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