#71 Wearing Scars As Medals

What a Hero Does with the Dragon Claw Marks

In our last +1 we chatted about the fact that, as Campbell tells us, when we go for bliss on our hero’s journey we need to remember that there’s always the chance for a fiasco. (Hah!)

Yep. Always.

That’s part of the deal and why we need to get really good at embracing the fear and tolerating the ambiguity and possibility of “failure.”

Here’s one way to alchemize that.

Paulo Coelho has a great line. He tells us we need to wear our scars like medals.

Think about that for a moment.

Most of us try to hide all those scars. But not the heroic among us. The heroes KNOW that you can’t go out fighting dragons for a living and not get all clawed up on occasion.

The heroic among us (and all of us at our heroic best) don’t shamefully hide those scars. They (and we) proudly show them off.

“Yep. Got that one fighting that huge, mean dragon in the Andes.”

“Oh, that one? Hah. Yah. Wow. That was a BEAST! Should have seen it. Almost took me out.”

“Oh, man. Yah. That was another crazy one…”

Those scars? They are the hero’s MEDALS—badges of honor that prove they’ve been willing to step up and go for it again and again.

Today’s +1 practical question(s): You have any scars you’ve been hiding?

Is now a good time to redefine them as medals earned as part of your Hero Training?!

(Yah? Which one(s)?)

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