#1347 My Top 3 Work Targets

What Are YOURS?

Not too long ago, we talked about my Top 3 Energy Targets.

As you may recall, I said that it’s really hard to have a series of really bad days when I hit my Top 3 Energy Targets.

These are my Top 3 Energy Targets:

I. In Bed for 9-10 Hours

II. AM Meditation (1%)

III. Movement (30 Min)

(What are YOURS?)

Today I want to chat about my Top 3 Work Targets.

Here they are:

I. Recommit to Sacred Vow (101 | 1M | 51 2051)

II. #1 WIN

III. Shutdown Complete

Note: If ALL I did in any given day was hit THOSE three Targets, I’d have a pretty good day. Period.

I repeat: The early research on hitting as few as three Targets on our Heroic app shows that you can boost your Energy by 40%, your Productivity by 20% and your Connection by 15%.

And, I repeat with even more emphasis: The extensive research on “checklists” in general is unequivocal: Checklists work.

Whether we’re talking about pilots or surgeons or athletes or construction managers or aspiring Heroes, checklists help you perform at your highest possible levels. Period.


Back to my personal checklists while YOU think about the Top 3 Work behaviors that keep YOU plugged in and showing up at your Heroic best.

I. Recommit to Sacred Vow (101 | 1M | 51 2051)

First, I recommit to my Sacred Vow to do my absolute best to serve you so we can fulfill our mission. I commit to getting my Soul Force to 101 so we can help 1M of us do the same so we can help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by 2051.

II. #1 WIN

Second, I commit to doing what I’ve decided is THE most important thing I can do that day is (my “#1 WIN”) and then I DO IT.

III. Shutdown Complete

Third, I decide when I am going to STOP working then, at the end of my day, I hit that “Shutdown complete” Target so I can transition from Work to Love as I spend time with the family and train my recovery so I can go hit it all again with Heroic Energy tomorrow.

I will repeat yet again…

It’s REALLY (!) hard to have a series of bad days when I hit those three simple targets.

Which is precisely why I use the Heroic app to recommit to those Targets every.single.morning and then strive to hit those Targets every.single.day.


We just talked about me way too much.

Today’s +1 has NOTHING to do with me.

It’s all about YOU.

What are YOUR Top 3 Work Targets?

What are the three simple things you do when you’re at your best Work-wise?



I. ______________________

II. _____________________

III. _____________________

Fantastic. 👏

Clarity is Step #1.


Is TODAY a good day to commit to and then hit those targets, Hero?

Awesome. Day 1. All in. Let’s go.

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