#1346 A Brief History of the Universe

13.8 Billion Years Ago to NOW

In our last couple +1s, we talked about the Sun and the next-closest star, appropriately named Proxima Centauri.

We did some quick math and realized that the Universe is insanely vast (yes, that’s the technical description) and that 99.999% of the Universe consists of… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Imagining the ineffable VASTNESS of our Universe should help us get a little perspective on our lives. 🤓

Today I want to chat about just how OLD the Earth and the Sun and our Universe are.


In addition to being a fascinating intellectual exercise, it is, as Michael Singer points out in Living Untethered, an equally powerful SPIRITUAL exercise.


Do you know how long ago the Universe was created?

Somehow, scientists are able to peg the number at around 13.8 BILLION years ago.

Think about that. Out of nothing came something.


My brain just exploded. 🤯!!


Next question.

Do you know how old the Earth and the Sun are?

The Sun is estimated to be 4.603 billion years old. The Earth is estimated to be about 4.543 billion years old—plus or minus about 50 million years. (Hah.) (God bless whoever did that math!)


Here’s a follow-up question…

What was happening during that 9 BILLION YEAR lag between the inception of the Universe and the creation of our solar system?

Think about THAT for a moment as well.

My brain just exploded again. 🤯 🤯!!

Then, after a BILLION years, the first single-cell organism appeared on Earth about 3.5 BILLION years ago. Then it took another 3.25 BILLION years for dinosaurs to appear around 250 million years ago. Fast forward another quarter of a billion years and, a couple/few hundred thousand years ago depending on whose math you want to believe, early humans showed up.


As Singer says, all of that led to your great-great-great-great grandmother meeting your great-great-great-great grandfather all of which led to EVERY SINGLE THING that had to happen EXACTLY THE WAY IT HAPPENED for the miracle that is YOU to come alive.



In spite of the sheer miraculousness of every single moment that had to happen EXACTLY the way it happened for you to be here today…

You complain about what’s happening right now.

As Singer says, that’s so absurd it’s almost funny.

And that’s the starting point of his philosophy.

Quit arguing with reality.

It’s bigger than you and me. It’s been around longer than you and me. It will beat you and me in an argument EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We need to “surrender” to reality. We need to accept it completely.

Not with foolish resentment and/or petty frustration.

We need to RADICALLY accept reality as Phil Stutz would say. We need to LOVE what is, as Byron Katie would put it.

This moment, with all its apparent imperfections, is a sacred gift.

Let’s accept it. Let’s bless it.

Then let’s shake our heads in awe as we smile and go do what needs to get done.

+1. +1. +1.

All day. Every day.




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