#1562 Areté +1° #131: Meet Your Mitochondria

The Powerhouses in Every Cell

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°, a micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

451° to activate fire. 451 big ideas/micro-chapters in the book to help you activate your Heroic potential.

Today we're gonna talk about this…


Look inside almost every single cell of your body and you’ll find those little powerhouses of human energy.

We’ll skip the details and the final exam but, as you may recall from your high school biology class, those powerhouses are called mitochondria.

Know this: The health of those little guys plays THE leading role in YOUR health and well-being. We’d die in seconds if our mitochondria stopped producing energy.

Fun fact: It’s impossible to know the exact number with certainty, but, with hundreds to thousands of mitochondria in nearly every one of our forty or so TRILLION cells, we have as many as a QUADRILLION mitochondria in our body.

That’s a one followed by sixteen zeroes. Add them all up and you get 10% of our total body weight.

All of that is fascinating. And it all begs the next question: How do we take good care of our mitochondria?

I just smiled as I typed that out. Why? Because even asking that question is a huge step forward.

If all we asked ourselves during the day was: “Is what I’m about to do going to help my mitochondria do their jobs as well as they can?” we’d dramatically improve our Energy and, by extension, the quality of our Work and our Love lives.

Details on how to go about doing that to follow in Objective VI on Dominating the Fundamentals.

For now, I’ll ask you a simple question: What’s the #1 thing you already know you could be doing to dial in your Energy?

And, perhaps even more importantly, what’s the #1 thing you already know you could STOP doing that would most powerfully boost your Energy?

Maybe it’s eliminating alcohol. Or sugar. Or late-night binge-watching or...

Whatever those #1s are, it’s time to get ourselves Heroically Energized so we can show up most powerfully in our Work and in our Love.


P.S. One more fun fact: Did you know that your mitochondrial DNA are inherited exclusively via your mother? Yep. “Thanks, mom!”

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