#670 Meditation’s Instant ROI

Trouble Falling Asleep? Cut It in Half!


At this point, most of us are pretty aware of the fact that it’s been proven to be pretty epic for our well-being.

Congrats, high fives, curtsies, etc. if you’re rockin’ a meditation practice already. 👯

If you’re not investing a few minutes of your day into meditation yet, what’re you waiting for?!

Perhaps you’re telling yourself you don’t have the time?

Well, we know that’s a pretty flimsy excuse (hah!) but if you’re not meditating and you have a tough time falling asleep at night, here’s some fun little data from Arianna Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution that will help us quantify the IMMEDIATE time-ROI you’ll get by meditating.

Arianna tells us: “A 2009 Stanford study found that a six-week mindfulness meditation course helped people who have trouble sleeping fall asleep twice as quickly, in fifteen minutes instead of thirty-three minutes.

Recap: If you have trouble falling asleep, learning to meditate (and doing so consistently) can help you fall asleep twice as quickly—in FIFTEEN minutes rather than THIRTY.

That 15 minutes you invest this morning in meditation?

You’ll get it back tonight.


You’ll get all the other benefits of meditation as well.

Check out Meditation 101 for more.

For now, how about a one-minute meditation to get your practice going starting today?

Sit up nice and straight. With “dignity” as Jon Kabat-Zinn would say. Pull that thread your head. Chest up. Chin down. Relax. Smile. Breathe in through your nose, down into your belly. Exhale slowly through your nose.

Repeat. Five times.


You’re a meditator!

Here’s to your calm confidence and energized tranquility today AND tonight—as we remember the instant ROI from a simple meditation practice.