#669 Three Forms of Discipline

Yoda Says: 1. Reactive + 2. Structural + 3. Expansive

In our last +1, we talked about the two facets of Emotional Stamina.

Recall: The WORSE you feel, the MORE committed you are to your protocol. AND… The BETTER you feel, the MORE committed you are to your protocol!!!

Take an iron to those up/down wrinkles—make the highs sustainably higher than ever before WHILE making your lows even higher than ever before (building a sort of scaffolding so you never plummet into the depths of despair).

How? One more time: Protocol. Protocol. Protocol.

Here’s some more wisdom from another one of my recent coaching sessions with my Yoda in which he told me about the three forms of discipline:

1. Reactive Discipline
2. Structural Discipline
3. Expansive Discipline

Phil tells us we need to work on all three of these forms of discipline. Here’s the quick take.

Reactive Discipline is just what it sounds like. Something triggers you. Can you step in between the stimulus and your normal sub-optimal response with the DISCIPLINE to CHOOSE a better response? Fantastic. That’s Reactive Discipline.

Structural Discipline is what we obsess about quite a bit in these +1s and throughout our work together. It’s all about the daily habits that keep us plugged in—that give our lives “structure” such that we can consistently crush Masterpiece Days.

(And, of course, Structural Discipline is the foundation of that protocol we want to make sure we’re executing—ESPECIALLY when we don’t feel like it. But, only if we want to iron out the ups and downs and cultivate our emotional stamina. 🤓)

Then we have Expansive Discipline. This, Phil says, is both the most important and the hardest of the three. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT we have a choice. Will we step forward into growth or back into safety?

If we want to live our most heroically awesome lives and have a shot at experiencing all that we’re capable of being we must (more and more!) consistently choose to EXPAND. EXPAND. EXPAND. We need to make that expansion a discipline.

That’s Today’s +1.

Well, that and this.

How about a quick inventory?

How are you doing with your Reactive Discipline? Your Structural Discipline? And, your Expansive Discipline?

What’s awesome? What needs work? What ONE thing can you do a little differently Today?

Here’s to your disciplines.

All three of them!

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