#1640 Leonidas + Jesus = Divine

Hero #1 + Hero #2 = YOU

In our last +1, we talked about my two favorite living AND dead heroes.

I challenged you to think about who YOUR favorite heroes are and how YOU at your Heroic best are an integration of the qualities you most admire in those four heroes.

My four heroes are two teachers and two leaders: Epictetus and Phil Stutz plus Marcus Aurelius and John Mackey.

It’s almost weird how much I see my ideal self in those iconoclastic heroes.

You have a similar experience?


As I typed that +1, I was thinking of some of my recent Heroic Chats with Masters in which I’ve been asking my favorite people who THEIR two favorite heroes are.

In fact, I was thinking about ONE particular chat with ONE particular friend that deeply inspired me.

That chat was with my dear friend and soul brother Mark Divine. He and I connected via Zoom during our Areté book launch workshop-party.

The entire conversation was (goosebumps) remarkable. Watch it here.

There were many things that struck me in that chat.

First, I asked Mark how he would describe Areté.

He told us that he thinks Areté is LOVE in action.

😳 !!!



That’s a whole +1 in itself but today I want to talk about Mark’s answer to my question about who HIS two favorite heroes are as it inspired me to think more deeply about how we are the integration of our favorite heroes.


Before I tell you who Mark’s favorite heroes are, I should encourage you to watch that chat again. (Do so here.)


I should tell you that Mark is a former Navy SEAL Commander who graduated first in his class and has written a number of books on how to forge an Unbeatable Mind, become SEAL Fit and embrace The Way of the SEAL to lead heroically.

He’s ALSO a yogi and an INCREDIBLY humble, wise, and spiritual man.


His two favorite heroes?

The ancient Spartan warrior, King Leonidas who led his 300 men to certain death at Thermopylae to protect the freedoms on which his culture’s flourishing was so dependent.


Jesus, the spiritual warrior who, as Mark beautifully said, sacrificed his life for all of us and needs no introduction.


I’m not sure ANYONE in the world has ever considered King Leonidas and Jesus to be their two favorite heroes.


I can assure you that there has NEVER been a human being who so beautifully and powerfully integrates the qualities of both of those Heroic men than Mark Divine.

I get tears in my eyes just typing that feeling into his power AND feeling into your power.


I ask you again…

Who are YOUR two favorite heroes?


Who are they?


Take a moment.

Get clarity on who they are.


Ask yourself…

WHY are those two human beings your top two heroes?

What qualities do they have that you most admire?

What did they DO that you most admire?

Got it?

Now get this…

You admire those heroes of yours because they expressed the qualities YOU have within yourself.

See the truth in that.

See yourself at your absolute Heroic best—integrating those qualities in your own life.

Then recommit to doing the hard (!) work to forge the strength for two so you can show up at your best and give us all you’ve got.

Not someday.


Day 1. All in.

Let’s go, hero.

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