#1457 Make It a Game

Turning Chores Into Gifts and Into Games

Grandma and Grandpa got the kids Fitbits for Christmas.


After Mommy’s first attempt to get them synced up to her phone didn’t work, they wound up finding a home in our kitchen drawer and we didn’t get them working until well into the new year.


I busted them out and got the app working on my batphone.


The next day Emerson sprang out of bed to check on his sleep (he got 9 hours and 40 minutes!) and started tracking his steps.

“Wow! I’m already at 27 steps!” he said by the time he had gone to the bathroom and headed into my office.

I laughed as I typed that and I laughed when he said that.

“That’s amazing, buddy. Nice work!” I said.

Emerson: “I bet you I’m going to get more steps than you today!”

Me: “I bet you are, too! That would be awesome!”

Then his sister rolled into my office and checked in on her sleep. (She got 10 hours and already had her steps rocking!)


The fun began.

The two of them started racing back and forth in the hallway.

Then they headed outside and hit our trail and came back in nearly 30 minutes later all sweaty.

Emerson: “We just did FOUR loops! We already have 7,000 steps. How many do you have?!”

Me: “Wow. That’s impressive! I only have 1,487 so far.”


This is quite remarkable because, although he loves running around and playing games, Emerson just isn’t that big of a fan of getting out and exercising unless there’s a really good reason to do it. His sister Eleanor naturally enjoys movement more but it’s never really been his thing.


It became a GAME.

Which is the point of Today’s +1.

One of the consistent themes in our Mastery Program’s 1:01 coaching sessions with me is the fact that hitting our Heroic Targets can often feel like a CHORE—things we (insert whiney voice) have to do.

As per our Notes on Michelle Segar’s great book on the science of getting yourself to engage in healthy behaviors, I have been stressing the importance of turning those “chores” into GIFTS we give our future selves.

I’ve been encouraging our Heroic Masters to remember the fact that, by eating well and moving our bodies and making sure we get great sleep we are giving our future selves a MUCH better shot at activating their Soul Force to show up Heroically Energized, Productive, and Connected.

Ideally, we want to arrive at a place where we experience hedonic eudiamonia and KNOW the truth of Seneca’s statement: “How much better to pursue a straight course and eventually reach that destination where the things that are pleasant and the things that are honorable finally become, for you, the same.”

One of the best ways to do that?

Channel your inner enthusiastic kid and…


Remember: Although even the most flourishing lives have moments of drudgery to them…

This is supposed to be fun!!

Day 1. All in.


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