#1456 Me + Toe Nail Polish

As an Act of Love

This morning I was trading texts with one of our Heroic Coach I grads who has become a dear friend and text buddy.

Hi, Heather!! 👋

We were chatting about some exciting stuff going on with Heroic (and other potential longer-term exciting stuff!) when she sent a picture of her ADORABLE daughter Sofia and said that she just did an act of loving painting Sofia’s nails. (Target swipe! 🎯 )

I might have replied to that note by sending her a picture of my foot (HAH!) and letting her know that just the day before I had performed my own act of love (Target swipe! 🎯) by letting Eleanor paint my nails. 🦶 🖌️ 🤓

And, well, that’s Today’s +1.

Here’s to setting our Targets for the day and finding all the little ways we can respond to bids and create micro moments of awesome with our loved ones…


All in. Day 1.

Toe nails polished.

Let’s go, Hero!!

P.S. The best part of that picture Heather shared? To see how big Sofia has gotten since she and Emerson got to hang out at our Coach I graduation three years ago.

It goes fast, folks. Let’s savor every moment and respond to as many bids as we can. 🙏

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