#1534 SPECIAL: Introducing Our Heroic Book

The Welcome Video, Introduction, Foreword, and Early Praise


This is Michael, Head Coach and Chief of Staff at Heroic, (👋) with a special, non-traditional +1.

(I’ll also be back tomorrow with another special update on our Daily Heroic / Heroic +1 series! 🙌)


The video for today’s +1 is a welcome video introducing Brian’s (and our movement’s!) upcoming book: ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL.

You can learn more about the book here: heroic.us/optimize/the-book

A couple of days ago we announced the fact that we’ll be launching ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL this November, and that you could officially start pre-ordering the book NOW!


With the support of a bunch of you (bless you, thank you!!) we became a Top 3 Barnes and Noble bestseller in less than 24 hours.




If you feel inspired to help the cause…

We’d be honored to have your support with our pre-order campaign and quest to catalyze our movement (!!) by helping us launch ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL as a #1 NYT bestseller this Fall!

We’re focused EXCLUSIVELY on OFFLINE Barnes & Noble pre-orders in this phase.


We’d be thrilled if you called your local Barnes and Noble and placed an order for a copy or three or five or ten (!) of ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL by Brian Johnson…. TODAY! (ISBN number: 9798212414074) 🙏

If you’d like to place a large order (50+) and/or have Brian out for a keynote, please let us know!!

And if you’d like to learn more about the book…

The BEST way to get a feel for what’s in store is to head here to read the introduction, along with Phil Stutz’s foreword and early reviews from friends like John Mackey, Cal Newport, Tal Ben-Shahar, Sonja Lyubomirksy, Joe De Sena and more.

You can also find that intro, plus the video in today’s +1, here: heroic.us/optimize/the-book



Day 1. All in.

Let’s go!

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