#1535 SPECIAL: Heroic Basic Training

The Journey Begins TOMORROW


It’s Michael, Head Coach and Chief of Staff at Heroic, with another special, non-traditional +1.

In yesterday’s special +1 we introduced Brian’s (and our movement’s!) upcoming book: ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL.

(You can learn more about the book, including how to support our movement through our pre-order initiative and access a ton more goodness, here: https://www.heroic.us/optimize/the-book)

Today, as promised, we’ve got a special update on our Daily Heroic / Heroic +1 series!

Drum roll please… 🥁

It’s time to go through Heroic Basic Training, TOGETHER!

One micro-lesson per day, over 84 days.

It’s going to be AWESOME! 🙌

In case you’re wondering…

What is Basic Training?


The video for today’s +1 has a condensed intro from Bri from the stage of our Heroic Launch Party + Workshop in Austin.

And over the coming few days, we’ll be getting the full introduction and overview.

For now, what you need to know is that Basic Training is basically the 10-hour distillation of our 300-day Heroic Coach Mastery Series.

There are SEVEN core objectives (plus a bonus “0. Introduction”):

I. Know the Ultimate Game
II. Forge Antifragile Confidence
III. Optimize the Big 3
IV. Make Today a Masterpiece
V. Master Yourself
VI. Dominate the Fundamentals
VII. Activate Your Superpower

Each Objective contains around 11 micro lessons—with 84 total lessons.


Starting TOMORROW, we’re going to go through them all, together, one lesson per day.

Each day’s Basic Training lesson will be featured on the Today screen of the Heroic app and via our Daily Heroic email.

During this period, we’ll also be pausing new +1s to showcase a “best of” Heroic +1s and Philosopher’s Notes related to each day’s Basic Training lesson. 🙌


Every Basic Training lesson is accompanied by a different practical step-by-step Tool that you can apply to your life, TODAY!

We’re fired up (🔥) and hope you love it all!

Just make sure you’ve downloaded the Heroic app and/or upgraded to the latest version to get the goodness.


Our journey through Heroic Basic Training begins tomorrow.

I’m personally committing to (and inviting our entire team to join in) watching each and every lesson as we go through them, TOGETHER.

How about you?!

Day 1.

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