#1650 How to Win

Trying to… vs. Trusting You Will…

Lanny Bassham is one of my all-time favorite mental toughness teachers.

He wrote With Winning in Mind—which is one of THE all-time best books on mental toughness and peak performance. (Check out the Notes.)

He also wrote Parenting Champions (which I love!) and his son wrote Attainment (which is also fantastic).


The other day Lanny joined us for a Heroic Chat with Masters. It was awesome. I took a couple pages of notes and we’ll have fun exploring a few of my favorite ideas.

Here’s one…

Lanny tells us that sub-elite performers “try” to win. The best, most dominant performers “TRUST” they will win.

They aren’t focused on winning per se. They’re focused on EXECUTING.

That’s a big distinction.

Reminds me of one of Lanny’s golfers who was so focused on executing his process that he didn’t even know he had won a big tournament until his wife ran up on the green and hugged him after he made a $1M+ putt.

“Did I win?”

Yah. You won.

Of course, Wooden didn’t focus on winning either. For him, it was all about striving to do your absolute best—controlling your effort and your attitude.

Gandhi was getting at the same thing when he said that “Full effort is full victory.”

That’s Today’s +1.

Don’t try to win.

Trust that, over the long run, you will win.

In fact…

Know that you ARE winning every time you close the gap and live with Areté.

Show up. Do your best.

Give us all you’ve got.


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