#1538 Areté +1° #003: How to Close the Gap

Introducing Targeted Thinking

Hi, this is Brian. Welcome back to another Areté +1°.

This is the third micro-chapter from my new book, Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential.

In our series, we've covered the first two.

We're going to walk through the first 11 little micro-chapters from the book.

Then we're going to systematically walk through some of my favorites from the 7 Objectives that make up the book.

Here we go.

Chapter 3:


Now that I’ve introduced you to my family and to the ultimate game of life, I want to introduce you to THE most powerful practice we can engage in to close the gap and live with Areté as we activate our Heroic potential.

It’s called Targeted Thinking.

Let’s go back to the trail and continue our chat with Emerson…

That part of the conversation we just discussed took us about ten minutes to complete—one half-mile loop on our property.

Here’s how we started our second loop.

Me: “Alright. Living with Areté so we can be Heroic is the ultimate game of life. Now it’s time to talk about chess.”

I smile and look at him.

He smiles back.

Me: “Tell me… What do you want when it comes to chess?!”

Emerson: “I want to be a Grandmaster.”

Me: “I know. I love it. And I think you can do it.”

I squeeze his hand yet again. He squeezes mine back.

Me: “So… If you want to become a Grandmaster in chess, what do you need to do?”

Emerson: “Keep on practicing hard!”

Me: “Definitely! And… What ELSE do you need to do?”

Emerson thinks for a minute then says (as a light bulb goes on): “Play in a lot of tournaments!”


Wink and a squeeze from me. Smile and a squeeze right back from E.

Me: “Now… When that voice in your head was telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t go to the tournament today, was he helping you do what you need to do to achieve what you want to achieve?”

Emerson: “No!!”


Wink and a squeeze from me. Smile and a squeeze right back from E.

Me: “That’s what we call Targeted Thinking. You’ve gotta know what you want and what you need to do to get it AND you need to pay attention to when Part X takes over your brain and tries to take you in the wrong direction.”

I look at Emerson.


He looks back and says…


Me: “So… Ready to dominate the tournament and win or learn today?”

Emerson: “YES!”

Me: “LET’S GO, HERO!!”

Of course, none of this is about my son.

It’s about YOU.

What do YOU want in your life?

Remember the ultimate game.



Remember Targeted Thinking.

Know what you want.

Know what you need to do to get it.

Tell Part X to settle down.

And go do what you’re here to do.

Close the gap.

Give us all you’ve got.


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