#885 Equanimity Anchors

The #1s x 3

In our last +1, we talked about the Fundies and how (ahem) fundamental they are to our Optimizing and Actualizing.

Be Present!

As I said, if I could whisper one thing in my younger self’s ear, I think it would be to MASTER those guys as I’m firmly convinced that when we get our PHYSIOLOGY properly Optimized, the rest tends to follow pretty smoothly via the super-strong connection we’ve created between our “normal” selves and our eudaimonic, Optimus-best selves.

Today I want to talk about another Idea from the Big Picture lecture on the subject.

Remember the Spinny Fingers we talked about back in the day?

Basic recap: Find a safe place to spin around and get yourself dizzy. Then do one of two things.

First: After getting yourself nice and dizzy, stop spinning and start looking aimlessly around the room. Up over there. Down there. All around.

What happens when you have no central point to ground yourself? You get DIZZIER.

Shake that off. Then, if you feel so inspired, get yourself nice and dizzy again.

Only this time, rather than aimlessly looking around, press your palms and fingers together in front of your face (like you’re praying) and STARE intently right at your fingertips.

What happens when you have a central point in which you can ground yourself? You IMMEDIATELY get balanced. Dizzy begone.

(Try it. It’s pretty cool.)


All of that brings us to the point of Today’s +1.

The next time you find yourself getting all dizzy by life, consider pausing and asking yourself three simple questions.

1. What’s my #1 self-care habit? Am I honoring it or have I let it slip?
2. What’s the #1 thing I could START doing that would have the most positive impact in my life?
3. What’s the #1 thing I could STOP doing that would have the most positive impact in my life?

The #1s x 3.

#1 Self-Care = ________________.
#1+ = ________________.
#1- = ________________.

I call those “Equanimity Anchors.”

How are yours?

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