#884 The Fundies

Eat + Move + Sleep + Breathe + Be Present + Prosper

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the home stretch of the Mastery phase of our Heroic Coach program.

I have a stack of notes on my live lectures that’s a couple inches thick and I’m really excited to hit the studio this Fall to create a Mastery Series program that we’ll be launching in January 2020.



I’m committed to helping us make it the greatest year of our lives. Period. 🤠


As we’ve discussed, we kicked the Mastery phase off with a module on Eudaimonology (the study of a good soul) then we moved on to The Big 3 (x2) (Energy + Work + Love) (x Identity + Virtues + #1s!) then to Carpe Diem (Today’s the day!!) then to Heroic Quests (your soul goals?) then to Algorithms (use that willpower wisely to install habits that run on autopilot!) and then to The Fundies (aka The Fundamentals that form the solid base from which we Optimize and actualize: Eat + Move + Sleep + Breathe + Be Present + Prosper).

In fact, we just spent seven weeks on The Fundies. (We’re now moving on to Module VII on Antifragile Confidence/Heroic Courage to wrap things up.)

I love it all, but mastering the process of mastering our fundamentals might just be my favorite. 🤓

Today I’d like to spend a few moments on one of my favorite ideas from the first session (The Big Picture) in which we walked through the high-level goodness on How to Energize to Optimize and Actualize Virtue-Wise, Peak Performance-Wise, and Spirituality-Wise. 😇

After reminding everyone about the importance of STARTING with Energy (we’re going to have a hard time actualizing our potential if we have hard time getting out of bed!), we walked through some of the core themes we’ve explored over the years including Greatness (= Consistency on the Fundamentals), Digging Foundations, Golden Buddhas, Niagara Falls, etc.

We also talked about States and Traits.

And that’s what I want to talk about Today.

Basic recap of what we explored in this +1: It’s pretty easy to get fired up at a weekend workshop where we walk on fire and/or nearly levitate off our cushion after 10 days of silent meditation.

That’s a wonderful STATE experience.

Unfortunately, for most of us most of the time, we leave that experience and go back to our normal day-to-day lives—dropping back down to our current stage of development.

That can feel pretty harsh. Almost like a cannonball being shot out of the cannon, reaching a joyous crescendo peak then dropping back to the ground. 🤕

The challenge, of course, is to MAINTAIN (or at least approximate) that peak state during our normal day-to-day lives.

From my vantage point (echoing the wisdom of countless guides), the only way to do that is via diligent, patient and persistent work.

On what?

Well, that brings us back to the fundamentals.

If I could rewind the clock to the days before the gray whiskers appeared on the chin (when the head was still full of hair), I’d probably whisper THIS truth into my young self’s ear:


Be Present.

Take care of those basic fundamentals and the rest will, in many ways, take care of itself.

Those ups and downs will be ironed out and we’ll be stable and grounded and capable of showing up with the energized tranquility we need to give life all we’ve got.

And that’s Today’s +1.

How’re your fundies?

Any little thing you can do Today to rock it?

High fives and let’s do this!

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