#1746 Confidence Is NOT This

It’s This…

On Tuesday, January 30th at 1:40 pm CT, Phil Stutz and I connected for what was at least our 425th 1-on-1 coaching session.

He surprised me by wearing his Areté t-shirt.

We were twinning.

It was awesome. [Check out the picture!]

I took another three pages of notes that day.

Let’s turn to page 2 for Today’s wisdom.

Father Yoda and I were chatting about confidence—a theme we have explored MANY times—when he said something that struck me in the moment and has since found a permanent home in my consciousness.

He said that confidence is…

NOT… “I know what will happen.”

BUT… “I know what my response will be.”

Think about that for a moment.

Confidence is NOT about knowing what will happen per se.

It is, I repeat, knowing that it DOESN’T MATTER *WHAT* HAPPENS because YOU KNOW you will use WHATEVER HAPPENS as fuel for the next stage of your growth.

THAT is true confidence.

THAT is what we want to develop.

THAT is why I tattooed “ANTIFRAGILE CONFIDENCE” on my left forearm.

We must trust that we have what it takes to respond to any and all of life’s challenges as we use those challenges as fuel to get stronger.

As Nassim Taleb tells us, the wind extinguishes the candle but fuels the fire.

Here’s to doing the things you say you will do to build YOUR fire…



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