#1747 Afraid of One Less Thing

Grandpa Phil Says… Do This!

I’m typing this on a Sunday afternoon at the end of a family lunch at our go-to restaurant in Austin: Dae Dui.

We’re about ready to head over to the movie theater to watch Kung Fu Panda 4. I’ve been anticipating the release for months. (😉 😂)


We need to get going so we can make it to the movie on time.

Emerson didn’t quite finish his lunch and needs a takeout box.

We’re eating outside and encourage him to go inside and ask the team for a box.

He hesitates.


We KNOW he’s going to go inside to get the box as an exercise in building his confidence to do little things that might be a little bit out of his comfort zone.

Him: “What do I say?”

Us: “May I please have a takeout box?”

Him: “Like this… “

Us: “Exactly. Now go get it!”


He goes into the restaurant. No one’s by the door.

He heads back out to us.

Mommy and I tell him to get back in there!

He does.

He gets the box.

We celebrate.

I tell him that Grandpa Phil tells us that when we exit our comfort zone and do the thing we’re afraid to do, we become afraid of one less thing.

Note: Being “AFRAID OF ONE LESS THING!” is one of my all-time favorite Phil-isms.


That’s Today’s +1.

What are YOU afraid of?

Is it time to go DO IT so you can be afraid of ONE less thing?

Note: I just got goosebumps typing that imagining you CRUSHING that.


Heroes (and ALL OF US in our most Heroic moments!), APPROACH our challenges.

We don’t avoid them.



I’m excited for you.

Go crush it.


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