#1242 Breathing Together (Part II)

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In our last +1, we spent some time hanging out with a couple dozen amazing Heroic Coaches in their virtual Heroic Local Zoom meetup.

We briefly reflected on the power of community and then briefly reflected on the power of breathing through our noses as we observed that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Coaches had their mouths shut.

Theory to Practice for the win!!


These days I work from an outdoor office. I printed that +1 so I could edit it along with the others I will be filming next time I hit the studio (which, for curious souls, is now in the barn we converted into a studio!). Emerson heard the printer going in the inside office and brought it to me in my outside office.

E: “Daddy. This came out of the printer.”

Me: “Thanks, buddy! I was writing a +1 about these Heroic Coaches.”

Then I handed him the picture.

Me: “Do you notice anything about that picture?”

E: “They’re all wearing Heroic t-shirts?” “Well, except that one…”

Me: “Yep. Those are all Heroic Coaches. The ones with t-shirts graduated last year and the other ones are in the program now.” “Do you notice anything else? Look at their mouths.”

E: “Their mouths are all closed.”

Me: “Exactly. Why do you think that’s the case?”

E: “They know that breathing through their mouths is bad?”

Me: “Exactly. Why is that?”

E: “You want to breathe through your nose to be healthier.”

Me: “Exactly.”

Today’s +1.

Lips closed. Magic spot, buddy!

Let’s take a nice, gentle, relaxing breath in through our nose, down into our belly, back out through our nose with an exhale slightly longer than your inhale.


All day.

Every day.



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