#1243 Eudaimantra

How to Extend Sovereignty Over the Mind

Earlier today I wrapped up a few Time Blocks of (pre-inputs) Deep Work (3.9 hours to be precise!) as I finished my Note on Mark Hyman’s new book called Food Fix.

(👈 Great book. More on that soon.)

After printing the PDF so I could edit it and record the MP3 this afternoon, I went online to check in on some biz and personal stuff.

I celebrated some awesome Wins via a little Paper doc I share with the Team. And, did some personal check ins with some loved ones.

And… I got a little message from our real estate agent that, apparently, there were some issues with the refrigerator in our old place. (Hah. D’oh.)

Now, OBVIOUSLY, that is, OFFICIALLY, not a big deal. But, it was still just a tad annoying and provided a great chance to practice the ol’ philosophy. 🤓

So, I got up to take a little break.

Grabbed the leash and headed out the door for a little walk with Zeus.

Then I thought of Eknath Easwaran.

Specifically, I thought of his wisdom on mantras and the fact that whenever he found himself a little irritated he’d go on a brisk walk and repeat his mantra over and over and over again.

As we discuss in this +1 and our Notes on his great book Strength in the Storm, he tells us: “You can draw on the power of the mantram like this at any time, wherever you happen to be, whatever you happen to be doing. But if you want the mantram to come to your rescue when you need it, if you want it to steady your mind in times of turmoil, you need to practice, practice, practice in calm weather.

Whenever you get a moment free, unless you are doing something that requires attention, repeat your mantram to yourself silently, in your mind—while waiting, walking, washing dishes, and especially when falling asleep at night. Constant repetition drives the mantram deep into consciousness, where it can anchor your mind so surely that no amount of agitation can sweep you away.

I must have given this advice a million times, but it can never be repeated too often. Throughout my life, no matter how assiduously I practiced this skill, I have always been able to find more time, additional opportunities to put it to use. This is how we can gradually extend sovereignty over the mind.”


His go-to mantra was “Rama.” Perfect for him, not quite such a great fit for me.


I smiled as I thought of our compass and starting saying my eudaimantra to myself:

Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.
Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.
Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.

The more I said it, the more it took on a nice little cadence with my walk and the more I loved it.

And, of course, I knew I’d wind up here creating this +1 and inviting YOU to have fun with YOUR mantra.


Today’s +1.

How’s YOUR mantra?

If you feel so inspired, let’s have some fun circling our cardinal virtue compass with a little rhythmic chanting of our eudaimantra:

Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.
Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.
Wisdom. Self-Mastery. Courage. Love.


Spare moments. Post irritations. Whenever.

All day every day.

As we “extend sovereignty over the mind.”


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