#1241 Breathing Together

Inspiring → Conspiring to Optimize

Last night I got to hang out with 23 Heroes in their virtual Heroic Local Zoom hangout.

It was amazing.

(Thank you, Khaled and Asma, for the invitation.)

At the end of our time together (wrapped up with a wonderful Heroic BREATHES meditation led by Angela!), I took a little screen shot of our Zoom gallery so I could capture the moment. I printed it out and put it on the top of my journal before officially ending the day so I would make sure to see it first thing in the morning so I could re-celebrate the awesomeness.

(Trigger/Prompt/Cue for the win!)


First thing this morning (after the meditation and quick movement, of course), I sat down, reset my Timex watch and started the Deep Work session.

Then I picked up that picture to soak up all the goodness.

I smiled as I virtually reconnected with Khaled and Asma and Paul and Zak and Sarah and Amir and Chris and Georgina and Masood and Muhamed and Debbie and Hellen and Tania and Ashraf and Sahar and Judi and Angela and Alaa and Maria and Jehad and Louise and Carl and Martha and Timo…

(My heart fills with joy just TYPING that!)

I reflected on the power of community in general and the powerful potential of our Heroic community in particular. One of the big themes of our chat was just how transformative it has been for this group to get together every Thursday evening for the last several months. The friendships and support and deep love they all had for one another was palpable.

(I get misty just typing THAT!)

Our time together made me that much more clear on and excited about the power of continuing to cultivate community.


As I looked at the picture one more time, sending a little more love to each person, I was struck by one thing in particular.

Every single one of our Coaches had their mouths closed. They were ALL breathing through their noses!!

(That makes me LAUGH with joy.)


That may not seem like a big deal.


It is.

Just the week before, we had Patrick McKeown, one of the world’s leading breathing experts, join us for a private session with our Coaches—sharing his most powerful wisdom and then coaching our Coaches.

Later that day, Asma posted this to our Oasis:

Heroic Team, I am very grateful for the astonishing work you do on the Heroic Coach program. Thank you. Yesterday’s session with Patrick McKeown was awesome, very informative, and packed with great ideas and practices. His soul force and his resolve to advance the awareness of breathing optimally and to help is humbling and inspiring. I can’t wait to dig deep in his work to explore and learn more about breathing.

I would like to share a win from today. Though I did my run in the morning before Patrick McKeown’s live Coaching session, I decided to go do a second run just out of curiosity to try to run while breathing mainly from my nose (that’s like me 😉👌). I did a 4km at the same pace as my morning run but with no tightness or discomfort in my lungs!!! I have Asthma and I have been a mouth breather all my life and I never knew I could manage to breathe only through my nose and still be OK. Truly, this is huge!!! I am grateful for the opportunity to meet, interact and be coached by great authors, practitioners and wisdom warriors. Thank you 🙏.


That’s like you, Asma!

And, apparently, that’s like US to move from Theory to Practice to Mastery—one breath at a time.

That’s Today’s +1.

Lips closed. Magic spot, folks!

Let’s take a nice, gentle, relaxing breath in through our nose, down into our belly, back out through our nose with an exhale slightly longer than your inhale.


All day.

Every day.



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