#1717 “Big Hug with Eleanor”

Target Swipe x 5 = 596!

I’m typing this seconds after my little Heroic angel, Eleanor Grace Johnson left my office.

I was working on the Philosopher’s Note on James Altucher’s great book Skip the Line when I felt a tap-tap-tap on my shoulder.

I looked around and saw a 7-year-old little girl (who’s not so little anymore!) wearing her new USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH hat, beaming at me with a huge smile on her face.

Me: “Hey there, my favorite little girl in the whole wide world!”

“Thanks for coming in to say hi!!”

Her: Incredibly cute smile.

Me: “Savor this!!!”

We laughed for a second then I asked her for a big hug.

She jumped in my arms and gave me the best full body bear hug with her arms (and legs!) squeezing me tight!

Me: “Wow! That was a GOOD ONE! You’re the best hugger in the world!!”

Her: Beaming.

Me: “Hey! Check this out…”

Then I grab my batphone (as my main/work phone was still in airplane mode as I’ve been in DEEP WORK/Creative Before Reactive mode all morning creating content so I can get ahead before a couple of big trips.

I open up the app and say…

“You know what I want to make sure I do EVERY DAY? Give YOU a big hug!!”

Her: Beaming.

Me: “Want to help me Target Swipe?”

Her: “YES!!”

We open the app, go to my Big 3 Love protocol and I ask her…

“Can you find the Target I want to swipe? Look for ‘Eleanor’”!

She finds “Big Hug with Eleanor.”

She swipes it to hit the Target.

Me: “Wow! You know how many times I’ve Target Swiped our hugs?” “592 times!” “How cool is THAT?”

Her: “WOW!”

Me: “Hey… How about another one?!”

Her: “YES!”

She leaps up into my arms. Gives me another one of those truly ALL IN incredible hugs.

Me to myself: “SAVOR THIS!”

Then we Target Swipe again.

Then we do it three more times.

She Target Swipes 5 hugs.

We’re now at 596 Hugs I’ve tracked in the app.


That’s Today’s +1.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it…

Go give someone a Hug.


Like you really mean it.

Bonus points for telling them how much you love them.

Repeat Tomorrow.

And change your life.

One micro-moment of Awesome at a time.

All day. Every day.

In your Energy, your Work, AND your Love.


P.S. After filming that, I picked up the old batphone here and I checked it out — in the app, we have “Hug Someone” as a target you can swipe. Our community has hit that target, in aggregate, 324,500 times.

That’s awesome. Let’s go Heroes!

Changing the world, one hug at a time.

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