#1716 “Savor, Savor, Savor!”

My New Mantra

I’m typing this minutes after going on a quick walk on our trail with Emerson.

Technically, I was walking and he was riding his sweet lime green bike. (The same bike that made a cameo in this +1 on how we’re helping our kids practice Targeted Thinking!)

Emerson is now 11 years old. Eleanor is 7.


I’m finally REALLY getting the absolute truth in the adage that all wise parents say to those of us just embarking on the parenting journey…


“It goes FAST!”


It’s with that wisdom in mind coupled with the humbling reality of that truth that I’ve been using a new little mantra to make sure I’m REALLY appreciating the time I have with my kids.

The mantra?

As I spend time with our kids and see one of their charming qualities on display—whether that’s the joy with which Emerson was riding his bike while our puppy Scout chased him on the trail today or the joy with which Eleanor jumped on the trampoline with her brother yesterday or the countless other sacred little moments—I like to say to myself…

“Savor this!!”

Then I let the moment really sink in as I feel the blessedness of being their father.

Then, after the moment has passed, I’ll silently say to myself…

“Savor, savor, savor…”


That’s Today’s +1.

Savoring something is a scientifically proven way to enhance your well-being—whether that’s with your kids or in ANY (and all!) of the special moments of our lives.


The happiest and wisest among us (the two tend to go together!), don’t take things or people for granted.

We savor them.

Let’s do that.


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