#915 A Brief History of (Blue) Light

Save It for the Daytime

Continuing our 80/20 Look at Why We Sleep, Why We Don’t, and How to Optimize Our #1 Fundie, Today we’re going to chat about A Brief History of (Night) Light.

Here’s the very quick take.

For millions of years, the only light at night consisted of light from the stars and the moon. (Think about that for a moment.)

Then we got creative and harnessed the power of wood fire somewhere between 230,000 years ago and 1.5 million years ago, depending on who you believe. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) (Think about that for a moment.)

Then we got even more clever and started using animal grease for light about 15,000 years ago and the Egyptians brought us the first beeswax candles about 5,000 years ago. (Thanks, guys!)

Fast forward to 1879 and Thomas Edison creates the first commercially practical incandescent light bulb. (Thanks, Edison and Co.!)

Then things start to heat up.

TV shows up about 100 years ago.

Smartphones started to get ubiquitous around 10 years ago.


Of course, at the same time all that night light got jacked up, our sleep went down. From 10 hours per night to 8 to less than 7.

To recap: For millions of years, the only source of blue light came from the SUN during THE DAY. Then, in the last decade, all the sudden we’ve turned the NIGHT into the day.

We have trillions of cells. 98% of them are super-sensitive to circadian rhythms.

I wonder if flipping day into night by blowing our brains up with blue light is a good idea? lol

That’s Today’s +1.

Turn off the blue light at night.

Save it for the day time.


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