#914 Reasons to GET UP

vs. Reasons to STAY Up

In our last +1, we had a quick chat about sleep efficiency as we shined a (night) light on how much sleep you’re ACTUALLY getting.

In bed for 7 hours a night and think you’re rockin’ it?

Well, I hate to break the news to you, but… uh…

a) Being in bed for 7 (or 8) hours a night does NOT mean you’re actually sleeping 7 (or 8) hours a night.

b) By routinely getting less than 6 or 7 hours of actual sleep, YOU ARE DOUBLING YOUR RISK FOR CANCER!!!

Am I shouting again? I share these stats because I love you. 😘

Today I want to talk about WHY we’re getting so little sleep.

I get the fact that our society is weird and we think it’s normal to eat late and work late and violate millions of years of evolution by overstimulating ourselves late into the night.

And, I get the fact that most of us aren’t quite as fired up about going to bed at 7:30pm like we do at the Johnson house. 🤓

You’ve got things going on. Some of which pushes things a little later into the night than you may prefer, etc. Fair enough.


For those of us who are doing the “required” things and THEN coming home and continuing to stare at our smartphones and/or binge on the must-watch TV, I ask: REALLY?

I mean…


As we discussed a few +1s ago, the #1 sleep kryptonite is simply not valuing sleep.

And, as we discussed in our Mastery session on Sleep, perhaps the #1 thing we need to REALLY get as we Optimize this part of our lives is the fact that we’re making a REALLY bad trade.

What in the world are the 90% of people who check their electronic gadgets within an hour of bed doing? Looking at email for the 1,000th time that day? Social feeds? News? TV shows?

REALLY? (Am I repeating myself? lol)

It seems clear that we need to:

a) Make the connection between those bad habits and our energy levels the next day/our overall well-being; and…

b) Make sure our Reason to Get UP Feeling Energized is significantly greater than our Reason to Stay Up Numbing Ourselves Out.

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s your Reason to GET UP Feeling Super Energized tomorrow?

Let’s make sure that’s (at least) 10x our Reason for Staying Up Numbing Ourselves Out tonight.

As always, let’s remember that with a big enough YES to what matters, it’s a lot easier to say “NO!” to all the nonsense that doesn’t!!!

YES?!? 🤓

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