#916 Training Tranquility

Today for TONIGHT for Tomorrow

In our +1 on the Top 10 Sleep Kryptonites, we briefly discussed the fact that “Anxiety” is one of the top reasons people give for Why We DON’T Sleep.

In our Mastery series, we refer to this semi-burned-out state we all experience way too often as “Enervated Anxiety.”

(We talk about this a lot.)

It’s opposite? “Energized Tranquility.”

(We talk about flipping the switch from one to other quite a bit.)

Today we’re going to talk about how to TRAIN your tranquility.

But, first, let’s take a moment to step back and reflect on a simple, obvious truth.

If we spend all day (every day) hopping from (and reacting to) one input (or thought) to the next, how are we supposed to just flip our brains to the “off” switch the moment our heads hit the pillow?

OF COURSE we’re going to sit there buzzing while our brain tries to digest all those inputs and settle down. (Right?)

Enter: Anxiety.

Followed by: Poor sleep.

That’s one of the many reasons why I think it’s so important that we deliberately TRAIN our tranquility.

We want to master the process of flipping the switch from our fight-or-flight state in which our sympathetic nervous system is manically firing to a more relaxed and calm state in which our parasympathetic nervous system can do its restorative work.

Goodbye, enervated anxiety. 👋

Hello, energized tranquility. 🤗

Here are three simple ways to train your tranquility.

1. Breathing. Deeply. In through your nose. Down into your belly. Back out through your nose. Nice and slow. With a smile. Science says: This is (literally!) the fastest way to boost your willpower. And your well-being. When should we do that? As often as we can. Flip the energized tranquility switch. Ducktape it.
2. Meditation. At this stage, we all know that meditation is one of the most powerful ways to not only train our attention but to calm our nervous systems. Recall that the ROI on 15 minutes of meditation this morning is IMMEDIATELY repaid tonight. You’ll literally get repaid by falling asleep 15 minutes earlier. Plus all the other bonus goodies.
3. Oscillate. On. Off. On. Off. Repeat. Go Deep. Recover. All day every day. TRAIN your recovery by taking deep, restorative, tech-free breaks. This is super important.

Bonus: Naps. They’re magical.

That’s Today’s +1.

How can you train your tranquility Today for TONIGHT?

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