#459 25 Min = 2 YEARS

Your #1 Time Waster? Keep that Math in Mind

Manoush Zomorodi wrote a great little book called Bored and Brilliant.

The basic idea is that we need to unplug from our constant tech stimulation such that our brain can settle into what scientists call the “default mode” where all the magic happens.

Today I want to focus on one very simple equation from the book.

I’ll get right to the point.

You know that 25 minutes you waste doing whatever it is you do on your phone (or computer) that you know you probably shouldn’t be doing? Maybe it’s an app. Or a game. Or checking the news (again). Or checking your email (again). Or checking Instagram or Facebook (again).

(What’s your thing?)

Well, let’s do the math.

That 25 minutes you’re wasting every day? That adds up to TWO YEARS (!!!) of your life.

25 minutes. Frittered away every day. Equals TWO YEARS (!!!) of your life.

I don’t know about you but when I read that I did a quick mental tally of time wasters and was like, “THAT’s gotta go!!”

(For me: It’s my phone. Specifically, most recently, news on my phone. I’m P I C K L E D. I’m also a Professional Optimizers so I can do things like not turn it on for weeks at a time—which is my new game (again). Laughing. I literally just spit on my monitor laughing as I typed that. 🤡)

Back to you.

What’s your #1 thing? How do YOU waste time?

Remember: 25 minutes = 2 YEARS.

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