#460 Delete THAT App

Yah. That One. (Remember: 25 Minutes = 2 YEARS)

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that 25 minutes every day = 2 YEARS of your life.

Did you figure out how you’re wasting time and make some progress eliminating that time wasting activity?

If so, high fives.

If not, here’s a tip.

In Bored and Brilliant, Manoush Zomorodi gives people a 7-Day Challenge to invite more boredom and more brilliance into their lives. Challenge #4 is pretty epic. It’s the fastest way to add two years back to our lives.

Here’s how she puts it: “Your instructions for today: Delete it. Delete *that* app. … You know which one is your albatross. The one you use too much. The one you use to escape—too often, at the expense of other things (including sleep). The one that makes you feel bad about yourself. Delete said time-wasting, bad-habit app. Uninstall it.”

Yep. THAT app.

Which one is it?

Want two years of your life back?

Delete it. Now.

I know it’s going to hurt but so is you looking back on your life from your deathbed and wondering why you squandered so much precious time and didn’t go ALL IN on living your greatest life so…

Jim Rohn’s wisdom comes to mind: “We will all experience one pain or the other—the pain of discipline or the pain of regret—but the difference is that the pain of discipline weighs only ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons.”

Let’s pay in ounces. Delete THAT app. 🤓

(NOW! Seriously. You’re the Boss, but let’s do this!!)

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