#458 The Master’s Steps

Two Forward, One Back (Sometimes Vice Versa)

Today we’re going to wrap up our little trip down Mastery Lane.

This is a quick one.

Know this: George Leonard tells us that as we walk forward on our path of Mastery, there will be times when it’s easy-day smooth sailing. We just rock it. Then, sometimes (should I say much more often?), for every two steps forward, we take one step BACK!

And, here’s the kicker: SOMETIMES, it’s the opposite. We slip back a couple steps for every step we take forward.

It’s in THOSE (INEVITABLE!) moments when we’re most vulnerable to giving up and leaving the Master’s path and exiting into our favorite alternative (recall the Dabbler, the Obsessive and the Hacker and know your tendency!).

Here’s the deal.

We need to KNOW that this is inevitable. It’s just part of the process. It’s not SUPPOSED to be easy all day every day—if it is, you’re DOING IT WRONG! (Laughing. Seriously.)

With that awareness, when we hit a rough patch, we don’t go indulge in every one of our kryptonites and give up all the gains we’ve made.

We approach it like a championship golfer who KNOWS (!!!) they’re going to have x bad shots every round and, when they I N E V I T A B L Y hit a bad shot, they don’t get all frustrated, they simply say, “Yep. There’s one.” And they TAKE THE NEXT SHOT.


It’s a slippery slope.

Two steps forward. One step back.

Sometimes vice versa.

Keep that in mind the next time you slide back a bit.

And then dust yourself off, admire the nice scrapes on your knee and get back to work.

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