Darrin Donnelly

Bestselling author of the SPORTS FOR THE SOUL series of books.

Darrin Donnelly is a writer and entrepreneur. He and his products have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Fast Company Magazine, and newspapers, websites, and radio outlets all over the world.

Based on his 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Donnelly believes that the most reliable and trustworthy advice for achieving your goals and improving your life is found in the world of sports. Though the business guru often has an incentive to portray a certain brand image that may not be completely accurate and the self-help guru can be tempted to make promises that are too good to be true, the achiever in sports can't fudge (or inherit) his results.

Donnelly's SPORTS FOR THE SOUL series of books are inspirational stories that teach essential life lessons. In the tradition of classics like ROCKY and FIELD OF DREAMS, these stories are set in the world of sports and though the main characters in these books are usually coaches or athletes, they represent anyone with a big dream and the desire to be successful. The seasons and games they endure represent the seasons of life we all must go through when trying to master a new skill, achieve a new goal, or rebound from a setback.

The lessons you learn in these books will show you how to overcome adversity and achieve your goals—whatever they may be.

Donnelly lives in Kansas City with his wife and three kids.

His website and column can be found at: www.sportsforthesoul.com