Win Forever

Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion
by Pete Carroll | Portfolio © 2011 · 256 pages

Pete Carroll is the Super Bowl-winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks. His Win Forever philosophy was inspired by an awesome hybrid of Abraham Maslow, John Wooden and his own commitment to always competing while having a whole lotta fun. In the Note, we'll check out a few of my favorite Ideas to help us Win Forever in all facets of our lives.

I knew that the first step in doing great things was affirming the belief that great things are possible.
Pete Carroll

“The process of self-discovery that was necessary to formulate my vision, and the power of having a philosophy has given me a confidence I didn’t have before. One of the keys to success lies in knowing and believing in yourself. When you are confident and you trust in who you are, you can perform to the best of your ability, and that is exactly what I plan to do. Whether you are coaching the USC Trojans or the Seattle Seahawks, working at your job or running a household, all you should ever strive for is to be the best you can be . . . and that is the essence of what it means to Win Forever.”

~ Pete Carroll from Win Forever

Pete Carroll.

Super Bowl-winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Super inspiring guy.

Pete wrote this book after an incredibly successful decade coaching the USC Trojans (thankfully he started at USC after I left UCLA—go Bruins!) and right before he started coaching the Seahawks—a team that had won 9 games in the 2 seasons before he showed up.

He basically called his shot—quickly turning the team around and winning a Super Bowl after a few seasons. That’s remarkable.

This book captures the essence of his philosophy: To Win Forever by Always Competing. It’s an inspiring semi-autobiographical look at his journey in life and in football to craft the philosophy that now guides his success on and off the field.

If you’re into sports, you’ll definitely love it. Even if you’re not, it’s a great read packed with goodness.

I’m excited to share a handful of my favorite Big Ideas and tie them back to other teachers we profile in these Notes so let’s jump straight in!

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Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks coach "Always compete. Win Forever"