The New Toughness Training for Sports

Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World's Premier Sports Psychologists
by James E. Loehr | Plume © 1995 · 204 pages

Jim Loehr is one of the world’s leading sports psychologists and peak performance experts. In this great book, he tells us how all champions are able to access their Ideal Performance States, why we want to lean into challenges, how to make waves throughout out day and the first rule of toughness.

Toughness is not a destination; it’s a journey without end.
James E. Loehr

“Toughness training is the art and science of increasing your ability to handle all kinds of stress—physical, mental, and emotional—so that you’ll be a more effective competitor. It’s a highly sophisticated and thoroughly proven method of perfecting your sport skills while minimizing the risk of physical injuries and emotional setbacks that so often attend overtraining.

What does toughness training toughen?

Your mind, body, and emotions will become more flexible, responsive, resilient, and stronger—the real meaning of tough as used here—through Toughness Training.”

~ Jim Loehr from The New Toughness Training for Sports

How’d you like to get a little tougher? (Me, too!)

Well, you’re in luck.

We have Jim Loehr—one of the world’s leading sports psychologists who has worked with some of the world’s leading athletes—as our guide. (Loehr also wrote The Power of Full Engagement and Toughness Training for Life. Check out our Notes on both of those as well.)

Although the title of this book says it’s for sports, I think it’s perfect for everyone who performs—which is really all of us, eh? As a teacher, I love applying the wisdom to my arena and I imagine you will as well. (If you like this Note, I think you’ll dig the book. Get a copy here.)

As is the case with all great books, this one is packed with Big Ideas. I’m excited to share a few of my favorites so let’s jump straight in!

(P.S. As you may have noticed by now, I love mental toughness books. Check out our growing collection here.)

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James E. Loehr

Co-founder at Human Performance Institute