The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

Boost Brain Performance, Lose Weight, and Achieve Optimal Health
by David Perlmutter, MD | Little, Brown and Company © 2016 · 304 pages

Dr. Perlmutter is a leading neurologist and nutritionist who offers compelling, cutting-edge perspectives on how to optimize our brains and our bodies. This book is a practical guide to help us integrate the Ideas from Grain Brain + Brain Maker. Big Ideas we explore include the chief goals of the program, the food rules, the fact that high fat requires low carb (and a reminder of why fat is good), coconut oil = magic sauce, and more ways to optimize beyond nutrition.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
Lao Tzu

“You can choose your health destiny. Whether it’s effortless weight loss. Freedom from neurological disorders and other chronic conditions. Boundless energy. A radiant appearance. Sound sleep. A happy belly. A robust immune system. Relief from depression and anxiety. A sharp, fast-thinking brain. A great sense of self-confidence and well-being. A super-high quality of life….

These are all terrific goals, and my bet is you’re hoping to achieve them yourself soon enough. People who’ve followed my protocols in the past have indeed experienced these results. Seriously. But to be sure: Such monumental accomplishments don’t come without hard work and sacrifices. You can’t necessarily turn away from the standard American diet—bread, soda, OJ, sugar, cereal, muffins, bagels, processed foods—and embrace a totally gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle overnight. It takes commitment. It takes effort. But it’s doable with this book in your personal library. …

The main purpose of this book is to help you put my ideas into practice in the real world and to show you that living your best life is about much more than what you put in your mouth. It expands upon the core advice in my previous works and introduces exciting new information about the advantages of eating more fat and fiber, consuming fewer carbs and protein, evicting gluten forever, and catering to your intestinal flora. … From sleep hygiene to stress management, exercise, supplements, and more, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan details how to live happily and healthily ever after.”

~ David Perlmutter from The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

This is our fourth Note on Dr. Perlmutter’s work. We also have Notes on Grain Brain + Brain Maker + Power Up Your Brain (which he wrote with Alberto Villoldo).

As I mentioned in the other Notes, Dr. Perlmutter is a leading neurologist and nutritionist who offers compelling, cutting-edge perspectives on how to optimize our brains and our bodies.

(He’s also a kind and generous person who helped our family out when we had a scary medical crisis last year. (Alexandra had mold-triggered seizures we discussed in other Notes.) We will forever be grateful for his wisdom and support.)

This is a quick-reading book that serves as a guide to implementing the ideas in Grain Brain + Brain Maker. As Dr. Perlmutter puts it, those books cover the “why” while this one focuses on the “how.” (Get a copy here.) (Also: Check out our Notes on Dr. David Ludwig’s Always Hungry? plus Mark Hyman’s Eat Fat, Get Thin plus Melissa Hartwig’s It Starts with Food—all of those authors have testimonials on the back cover and share similar, powerful wisdom! And, of course, check out Nutrition 101.)

It’s packed with Big Ideas and I’m excited to share a few of my favorites so let’s jump straight in!

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About the author


David Perlmutter, MD

Neurologist specializing in gluten issues and preventing degenerative disorders.