The First 30 Days

Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier
by Ariane de Bonvoisin | HarperOne © 2008 · 240 pages

Ariane de Bonvoisin is the founder of and her great book is packed with wisdom on navigating the first 30 days of any (and all) of the changes we inevitably encounter. In the Note, we'll look at how to become a change optimist as we see all the amazing opportunities that come in a time of change and as we work out our change muscles and battle the change demons! Good times.

“What If I Told You…

… that the change you are currently going through could be a little easier, smoother, and less stressful?

… that people who are good at navigating changes have certain things in common?

… that there are proven ways to help anyone through change?

… that the change you have always wanted to make not only is possible, but can be made with optimism and calmness?

… that change can actually help you love your life more?

Would you keep reading?

This book is designed to help you through any life change; no change is too big or too small. This book will radically alter the way you navigate change. And don’t worry: despite the title, the book won’t take thirty days! You can read it in just a few hours.”

~ Ariane de Bonvoisin from The First 30 Days

One of the ways I know I’ve read a great book is when I finish it and say, “That author is a cool person!” I feel that when I read a book by a Paulo Coelho, Wayne Dyer or Gay Hendricks and I definitely feel it when I read this one!

Ariane is the Founder and CEO of, a great web site all about empowering people to more effectively manage change, and her book is *packed* with Big Ideas—from learning how to be a Change Optimist, developing your Change Muscle and remembering the Change Guarantee.

If you’re going through a change or know someone who is or just wanna turn your life up a notch or three, I think you/they will really dig the book. For now , let’s jump in with a look at the nine principles for rockin’ change (each of which has a chapter in the book):

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Ariane de Bonvoisin

writer, speaker and change optimist