The Bulletproof Diet

Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life
by Dave Asprey | Rodale Books © 2014 · 320 pages

Want to get Bulletproof? Then Dave Asprey is your man. An uber-successful entrepreneur who weighed 300 lbs before bio-hacking his way to optimal awesome, Dave gives us a guide to upgrading our lives. Big Ideas include the 10 Diet Myths, inflamma, fruits and vegetables, and making health a means to a much bigger end.

The Bulletproof Diet isn’t just about losing weight fast and feeling fantastic; it’s a roadmap to upgrading your body and your mind from the inside out, simultaneously suppressing the inflammation and guilt that often come with high stress, high expectations, and high performance.
Dave Asprey

“You may be surprised to realize that your diet has so much to do with your mental and physical performance, and at first I was, too. The truth is that there are many elements of your environment that affect your performance, but there is no more powerful variable than your diet when you’re trying to control your body to get the outcome you desire. Even exercise pales in comparison. This may seem like hyperbole, but your diet is the foundation behind not only your weight, but also your IQ, stress levels, risk of disease, physical performance, aging, and even willpower. You are what you eat. What would it feel like to improve in all of these areas simply by making better choices about what you put on your plate? When you begin following the Bulletproof Diet, you’ll know the answer within only 2 weeks while losing up to a pound a day and never feeling deprived or hungry. Are you ready to become Bulletproof and start living in a constant state of high performance? Let’s get started!”

~ Dave Asprey from The Bulletproof Diet

Dave Asprey is a fascinating guy.

A multi-millionaire in his twenties, he also weighed 300 pounds and couldn’t figure out why all his dieting and exercise wasn’t doing the trick to optimize his health.

So, he decided to figure it out and made his life one huge experiment, investing a TON of time and energy and money into his mind and body—becoming one of the world’s first and leading biohackers in the process.

This book is the fruit vegetable of that search into optimizing human performance.

We’re big fans of Dave and his Bulletproof perspective and products here at the Johnson household.

I start my day with his bulletproof fat coffee (with ghee + MCT not butter!), hop on the vibrating plate during the day, and often enjoy one of his Bulletproof bars loaded with brain-nourishing fat. (Emerson is quite the fan of those bars as well. Perhaps a little too much of a fan. Lol. :)

This book is packed with Big Ideas on how to upgrade our life and go Bulletproof while avoiding the Kryptonite that diminishes our capacity to perform at our highest levels.

I’m excited to share some of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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Dave Asprey

Entrepreneur, author, biohacker, Founder and CEO of Bulletproof.