The Book of Understanding

Creating Your Own Path to Freedom
by Osho | Harmony Books © 2006 · 278 pages

Osho's a fascinating guy and in this Note we'll take a look at the power of Zorba the Buddha, the importance of self-discipline, the fact that we've got to have a firm hold on our ego before we have any hope of letting it go (big point a lot of peeps tend to miss!), and a lot of other Big Ideas on making our potential a reality.

I don’t teach the middle way, I teach the total way. Then a balance comes of its own accord, and then that balance has tremendous beauty and grace. You have not forced it, it has simply come. By moving gracefully to the left, to the right, in the middle, slowly a balance comes to you because you remain so unidentified. When sadness comes, you know it will pass, and when happiness comes you know that will pass, too. Nothing remains; everything passes by. The only thing that always abides is your witnessing. That witnessing brings balance. That witnessing is balance.”

~ Osho from The Book of Understanding

Osho. Powerful dood.

Attempting to capture his essence in a 6-page PDF is almost laughable, but, that’s why you pay me the big bucks, so… :)

If you haven’t read any Osho yet, his Book of Understanding is a great place to start. My copy is basically one long underline with flurries of asterisks and dog eared pages. I trust you’ll dig the gems I’ve mined in this Note!

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