The Art of Life

by Ernest Holmes | penguin group inc © 1926 · 176 pages

Ernest Holmes created the Science of Mind movement and influenced a ton of modern new thought teachers (from Louise Hay to Michael Beckwith). He's all about connecting to that power that's bigger than us and in this Note, we'll explore how to turn on our inner light, tend to our mental garden, look for good and become an outlet for the Divine!

Without faith it is impossible for one to do his best or get the most out of life. This does not mean faith in the personality only, but faith in the ocean of Life Itself.
Ernest Holmes

“God has been called a thousand names, but you and I, in the discussions which follow, are to think of God as Life, the presence and power in everything, which makes everything what it is. Let us use the word “Life” to symbolize everything God means to us; just the simple word “Life.” Let us, then, see if we cannot discover what Life means to us and just how it operates through us. Let us discuss who and what the Self really is.”

~ Ernest Holmes from The Art of Life

Ernest Holmes.

We have a Note on another one of his great little books, Creative Mind and Success. Holmes founded the Science of Mind churches and provides an inspiring picture of what we can become as we connect to Life.

His books are packed with wisdom on how we can connect to and express the Divine Presence within each of us.

For now, it’s time to check out some of my favorite Big Ideas. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

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Ernest Holmes

Founder of the Religious Science Movement