Positive Addiction

by William Glasser | Harper Perenniel © 1985 · 159 pages

Glasser's got an awesome, straightforward style of writing and in this Note we'll explore the psychology of strength and weakness and how easy it is to develop negative addictions as a way to shield ourselves from the pain of our weakness and poor choices. Once we've checked that out, we'll look at how we can develop our strength by rockin' positive addictions (things like running, yoga, meditation) in our lives!

“The thesis of this book is that many people, weak and strong, can help themselves to be stronger, and an important new path to strength may be positive addiction. If more of us gain strength maybe we will make a better world; there is little chance we will do so if too many of us are weak.”

~ William Glasser, M.D. from Positive Addiction

“Positive” Addiction?!? What’s that?!?

Well, imagine a negative addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) and take that “addictive” behavior and apply it to positive stuff like running (the “hardest but surest way to positive addiction”), yoga, and meditation (the “most popular way”) and voilà! You have a Positive Addiction. You also have the difference between a weak and a strong person. A depressed and a happy person.

In his brilliant, direct style, psychiatrist and author William Glasser outlines the process we can follow to create positive addictions in our lives. Really cool stuff. The book is a quick-reading 159 pages and I *highly* recommend you check it out.

I was truly blown away by Glasser’s description of negative addictions and, as I looked at what Ideas I wanted to pursue in this Note, I kept on coming back to the importance of highlighting his approach to NEGATIVE addictions.

… So, we’re gonna spend most of our time here on the negative side of addictions. :)

I trust you’ll dig the exploration of Glasser’s bold/direct/penetrating Ideas about the consequences of weakness and how we can build the strength necessary to flow with life’s challenges! We’ll start with:

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About the author


William Glasser

developer of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory