What Life is All About
by Leo Buscaglia | Ballantine Books © 1996 · 160 pages

The Doctor of Love is in da house! In this Note, we'll explore some of Buscaglia's Big Ideas on how to live with a lotta Love— starting with the fact that if we want to master the subject, we've gotta *study* it! We'll also look at how important it is to fully express ourselves and that a truly loving relationship is one in which both partners are committed to their own growth and supporting their love's growth. (P.S. My Goddess was the first chica I'd met who'd read this book and I think I fell in love on our 1st date when she told me she loved it, too!)

“If he desired to know about automobiles, he would, without question, study diligently about automobiles. If his wife desired to be a gourmet cook, she’d certainly study the art of cooking, perhaps even attending a cooking class. Yet, it never seems as obvious to him that if he wants to live in love, he must spend at least as much time as the auto mechanic or the gourmet in studying love.”

~ Leo Buscaglia from Love

I smile as I type these words—just having Buscaglia’s book, Love, open in front of me is enough to make me happy. :)

Seriously. This is hands down one of my favorite books. I’ve purchased at least 250 copies of it. We used to give it away to all of our partners at my last business ( and I used to bring a copy with me to nearly every business lunch I had. (I’m a little wacky like that. :)

My hunch is you’ll fall in Love with Love as well. By the end of reading it, you’ll wish you could give Leo Buscaglia—a former Professor of Love at USC—a big ol’ hug.

For now?

Let’s jump straight in, shall we?!?

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